Finally, let us put everything together using the struts. Hence we will define an entry of FilterDispatcher class in web. However, in the Struts class, you could have properties of any data types. This is used to submit the form. To get around this issue, it is suggested that you create a class which contains the result outcomes.


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The token tag generates an unique token which is used to find out whether a form has been double submitted.

Java Makes Life Easy: Annotations in Struts2 with an Example

Honestly speaking, you can start working by just using web. You could get a developer to write the code and a business analyst to create xwork-core.x.y.z.jr validation xml files. Firstly, the action plays an important role in the transfer of data from the request through to the view, whether its a JSP or other type of result. Now do not enter any required information, just click on Submit button.

After a while, the Webwork framework and the Struts community joined hands to create the famous Struts2 framework. The MVC abstraction can be graphically represented as follows.


For this reason, interceptors are managed with interceptor stacks. You can try your example without using this interceptor and you will find that name property is not being set because parameter is not able to reach to the action. We have used these tags in our examples already, we will brush them in this chapter. For example, if you have an integer attribute in your Action class, Struts automatically converts the request parameter to the integer attribute without you doing anything.


The execute method of HelloWorldAction. The next annotation is the Action annotation. Newer Post Older Post Home. We will go through each component in more detail in the subsequent chapters.


All struts configuration file needs to have the correct doctype as shown xwork-core.x.y.z.jar our little example. Another thing to note is the validator types that are available by default.

Download xwork-core-2.1.6.jar : xwork « x « Jar File Download

Struts 2 is one of the best web frameworks and being highly used for the development of Rich Internet Applications RIA. Let us re-define action class Employee with annotation, and then add xwork-core.x.y.zz.jar method called validate as shown below in Employee.

Report Attrition rate dips in corporate India: Both the actions will return SUCCESS, but we will take different actions based on return values because our purpose is different for both the actions. Lets create a jsp page index.

Now select a file “Contacts. Let us modify the struts. Struts 2 applications can use Java 5 annotations as an alternative to XML and Java properties configuration. The above registration of “basicStack” will register complete stake of all the six interceptors with hello action.



You are commenting using your Twitter account. The Struts 2 data tags are primarily used to manipulate the data displayed on a page. Client side validation is usually achieved using Javascript. This will give you following screen:. This configuration file provides a mechanism to change the default behavior of the framework. We have already seen how to apply interceptor to the action, applying interceptor stacks is no different.

We have already seen this in the previous examples.

Struts Quick Guide

Examples include exception handling, file uploading, lifecycle callbacks, etc. Check below how you can define index as an action:. Let us xwork-cofe.x.y.z.jar to create index.