Select the subtitler filter and click OK. Save and encode the video file To save the video file with the embedded captions, we will have to recompress the video and leave audio stream as is. Select it and click OK 2. Select it, and then click Configure 2. You will need a number of tools to follow this guide. If you know that your player supports it, H is a much better choice as the encoder. Go to the Video menu and select Filters


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Finally click Convert to. Home Guides Video Edit How to add permanent subtitles in a video file. Configure the format with a clear font such as Trebuchet MS and a font size of 36pt.

VirtualDub filters

The Subtitler filter is not included in the default VirtualDub installation. Go to the Video menu and select Filters Below you can see the result of our subtitles with the settings specified earlier in DivXLand Media Subtitler. You will also need a codec in order to encode the final video so if you don’t already something installed, grab ffdshow below. We are about ready. Edit the subtitle file Even if sugtitler.vdf subtitles are already in SSA SubStation Alpha format, this step is required to customize the subtitles aspect.

Click Show Preview to see how your subtitles will appear in subtitler.vdv encoded video.


Permanent Subtitles Guide –

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Permanent subtitles are specially useful if you are about to create a VCD, or when you want to watch a subtitled movie on your portable video player. If you have any trouble, make sure your subtitles are in fact correct for this video file, and if you are certain they are, use our forums to ask for advice.

If you want the output file to match a specific file size, sutbitler.vdf will need DivXLand Bitrate Calculator to calculate the video bitrate.

Right now it is a great idea to check if the subtitles appear correctly and in sync. Here you can select the encoder you want to use for your video.


You will need a number of tools to follow this guide. Next from the Video menu make sure Full processing mode 1 is selected, and then subtitlwr.vdf Filters 2.


First of all we need to convert our. However as I do understand this process may be trivial for some of you, you can always ask in our forums or in the content form below for some extra help. We’ll recompress the movie with the subtitles in this last step.

The above picture is an example of the VirtualDuband its Plugins folder structure. Even though most times it is perfectly fine to keep our video and subtitle files separately, as subttiler.vdf players support external subtitles those days, sometimes there is a need to add the subtitles permanently in a video file. First, from the Audio menu make sure Direct stream copy is selected.


How to add permanent subtitles in a video file

If the subtitles are correct, as they should, open the video menu and click Subtitler.vdg 2. You must have already downloaded and unzipped it, if not do so now, and then click Load, and load the Subtitler. We are going to use VirtualDub to add our subtitles and encode our new video. I have tried to keep this guide very straightforward and easy.

Permanent Subtitles Guide

The solution is to hardcode the subtitle in the video file, making sure that it will appear no matter what. Click the Configure button to setup the codec.


First of we need to select the encoder. Before you close the Add Filter window, the Subtitler filter will ask for the location of your. The encoding process will start and your output video will include the subtitles permanently.

In the popup dialog select the SubStation Alpha format.