Sculpting Clothing Sculpt basic wrinkles and add other clothing details. However, anatomy is it’s own course and can derail many well intentioned students. How to understand and break down 3D forms and volumes How to sculpt a stylized character for animation using key design principles How to understand the concept of appeal and put it into practice as you design your own characters Understanding the challenges professional character artists face and the role they play in animation pipelines Tips for incorporating a character’s movement and facial expressions into your designs. How to understand and break down 3D forms and volumes. That’s why I work with him. You will be connected to audio using your computer’s microphone and speakers VoIP. Using ZBrush’s innovative Insert Mesh brushes, you learn how to isolate parts like noses, teeth and eyes without sacrificing a finished, polished look.

stylized character design with michael defeo

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So, if you’re serious Developing stylized characters defek animation is not as easy as you might think, and infusing those characters with timeless appeal is even harder. A program to help you unlock the artist in you and discover your vision. Michael is a great leader and mentor, he helps build people up to their true potential through positive reinforcement, and his teaching techniques.

stylized character design with michael defeo

Who should take this course? I would highly recommend Michael Defeo, for he is an amazing sculptor, a charismatic leader, and a hard working, motivated topnotch artist!


One of the biggest challenges sculptors face is developing a fully realized character while also allowing for the art director to make significant wwith to the design. Enter your name and email below to join the waitlist. Stylized Character Development with Mike Defeo. You use one skill to balance out the other skill so they keep each other in check.

As a sculptor he adapts quickly to new styles, maintains quality and pushes the envelope on each sculpt he works on. This is the same workflow that Mike has used to sculpt charactfr memorable characters as Gru, Scrat, and the Minions of Stylizdd Me.

Adding More Detail to the Hair Adding individual strands and adding variation to the hair. Prepping for 3D Print Prep your model for 3D printing.

Sculpting Characters For Film with Mike Defeo

Creating the Dog Body Create your character’s companion’s body. Can I download the lectures? You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple.

Sculpting the Hair Sculpting the major hair forms.

The first class is June 10th. Stylizee mean, everything is smooth with very simple shapes and you don’t have to take care of all that anatomy. How often chharacter the class meet? If you’re not happy, if life just hands you a bad deck you have 30 days to get a refund. We realize that not everyone is able to make it to a scheduled meeting with the instructor.


The ZBrush name is a registered trademark of Pixologic, used with permission.

Character Design In ZBrush

Make sure you choose a payment option to the right and get signed up imchael. He didn’t skip any parts, and the pacing was excellent.

stylized character design with michael defeo

As such, a basic understanding of ZBrush is recommended. A headset is recommended. What if I miss one of the live sessions? Equally matched with amazing and speedy technical support for every question I had. Join The Wait Witth

Boy was I wrong: Creating a Concept and Begining a Block Out Use whatever program you’d like to generate a concept image for your sculpt. Stylkzed ZBrush’s innovative Insert Mesh brushes, you learn how to isolate parts like noses, teeth and eyes without sacrificing a finished, polished look.

He is knowledgeable in both traditional and digital sculpting as well as drawing and oil painting. The number one myth behind character design is that it is simple.